Bushings – Taper Lock, QD, etc.

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Pfeifer Industries produces a line of taper lock bushings to combat the problems associated with poorly made import and domestic taper lock bushings. The industry standard taper lock bushings manufactured by Pfeifer Industries are constructed from billet steel and produced on CNC controlled equipment to exacting tolerances. One of the biggest problems with poorly made taper lock bushings is controlling run-out on the belt drive pulleys they are assembled into. Excessive run-out will greatly contribute to shortened timing belt life. Pfeifer Industries also produces custom size taper lock bushings for non-standard applications. Custom taper lock bushings are available in steel, stainless steel or aluminum and can have lightening features incorporated into them.


Tapered bushings work on a wedging action that when the tapered bushing is tightened by screws the I.D. taper of the timing belt pulley and the matching O.D. taper of the bushing are drawn together which at the same time contracts the inside diameter securing it to the shaft. The I.D. contraction is the equivalent to a press fit (interference fit) that offers a higher strength alternative for transmitting torque and resisting slippage than single or even multiple setscrew style connections. Another advantage is that it eases maintenance for installation and removal and will not mar shafts as set screws would. The three main types of tapered bushings are:

  • Flanged Bushing (Split Taper and QD)
  • Flangeless Bushing (Taper lock Bushings)
  • Keyless Bushings (Shaft Locking Devices)
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