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Custom synchronous belt pulleys allow the end user to design a custom timing belt pulley to match their specific needs. This eliminates the frustrations often caused by trying to modify a off the shelf timing belt gear pulley. Additional custom synchronous belt pulley design resources have been made available by Pfeifer Industries within the following sections custom timing belt pulley design form and timing belt pulley design features. Pfeifer Industries specializes in producing sub-minimal tooth count timing belt pulleys. We are able to produce 8mm pitch pulleys down to 14 teeth. We also take pride in being able to maximize weight reduction in the timing belt gear pulleys we produce thanks to our vast knowledge of the demands required by the various racing applications that we support with our products.


  • 5mm HTD, (17 Tooth through 200 Tooth), Timing Belt Pulleys
  • 5mm PowerGrip GT, (16 Tooth through 200 Tooth) , Timing Belt Pulleys
  • 8mm HTD, (14 Tooth through 140 Tooth) , Timing Belt Pulleys
  • 8mm PowerGrip GT2, (22 Tooth through 140 Tooth) , Timing Belt Pulleys
  • 8mm PolyChain GT, (14 Tooth through 140 Tooth) , Timing Belt Pulleys
  • 14mm PolyChain GT, (30 Tooth through 60 Tooth) , Timing Belt Pulleys

The design choices available to end user in manufacturing a custom synchronous belt pulley include but are not limited to the following.

  • Material type (steel, aluminum, etc.)
  • Plating / coatings (zinc clear chromate, black oxide, anodized, etc.)
  • Pitch / profile (5mm HTD, 5mm PowerGrip GT, 8mm HTD, 8mm PowerGrip GT2, 8mm PolyChain GT, 14mm PolyChain GT, etc.)
  • Number of timing belt gear pulley teeth required
  • Width of timing belt to be used
  • Overall length of timing belt pulley
  • Flanged or unflanged
  • Bore type (straight bore, tapered bore, splined, taper lock, etc.)
  • Keyway
  • Special considerations (counter bores, snap ring grooves, bolt hole pattern, bearing installation, etc.)
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