Timing Belt Pulley - Belt Guide Flanges

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Timing belt pulley flanges are available for your custom synchronous belt pulley needs. Also commonly referred to as timing belt pulley washers, belt guides, flanges and discs. Cog pulley flanges are available in steel or aluminum construction. With other materials available upon request. Standard sizes are available in the following timing belt pitches / timing belt tooth profiles.


  • XL (1/5”) Trapezoidal
  • L (3/8”) Trapezoidal
  • H (1/2”) Trapezoidal
  • XH (7/8”) Trapezoidal
  • 5mm HTD
  • 8mm HTD
  • 14mm HTD

Timing belts typically track to one side of a timing belt pulley during operation, and would slide off the timing belt pulley if it was not flanged.  The following timing belt pulley flanging guidelines have been established as recommendations for properly flanging synchronous belt pulleys.

Flanging Guidelines:

  • Two Timing Belt Pulley Drives – On simple two timing belt pulley drives, either one pulley should be flanged on both sides, or each pulley should be flanged on opposite sides.
  • Multi Timing Belt Pulley Drives – On multiple synchronous belt pulley drives (i.e. more than two pulleys, serpentine), either every other pulley should be flanged on both sides, or every pulley should be flanged on alternating sides around the system.
  • Vertical Shaft Drives – On vertical shaft drives, at least one cog pulley should be flanged on both sides, and the remaining timing belt pulleys should be flanged on at least the bottom side.
  • Long Span Drives – Timing belts on drives with long spans, typically (8x) times the diameter of the smaller timing belt pulley require both timing belt pulleys to be flanged.
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