Pfeifer Industries recognizes that “people buy from people.”  We are determined to always give our customers the highest level of quality and value in the timing belt pulleys we manufacture, the technical services we provide and the mechanical power transmission belting products we distribute.  We strive to produce a timing belt pulley that is of higher quality than our competitors’ without adding additional costs for our customers.  Utilizing over 30 years of design and manufacturing experience, we consider the integration of a part into its final assembly and how the part will perform in its end application.  With our customers in mind, we constantly strive to evaluate our processes for cost savings and efficiencies.

CNC Machining

  • CNC 8” Mill/Turn (Mori Seiki NL2000 SMC with gantry loader)
    • Twenty (20) station gantry loader with up to 6” O.D. capacity
    • Subspindle
    • WTO live tooling (Z-axis and X-axis)
    • In-machine measuring, accuracy to .00000001, with automatic wear offset corrections
  • CNC Vertical Machining Center (Haas VF-OE)
    • 4th Axis
  • CNC 12” Mill/Turn (Mori Seiki NLX2500 SYMC with gantry loader)
    • Custom six (6) jaw chucks for machining thin wall parts
    • Ten (10) station gantry loader with up to 9” O.D. capacity
    • Subspindle
    • WTO live tooling (Z-axis and X-axis)
Mori Seiki     Haas

Gear Hobbing

  • Bourn & Koch CNC Gear Hobbing

Bourn & Koch



Manual Production Equipment

  • Production keyway broaching [horizontal four (4) ton]
  • Production internal keyway (IK) broaching (horizontal)

Manual Machine Shop

  • Fully equipped manual machine shop for prototyping, fixture building and fabrication
    • Hardinge turret lathe
    • Bridgeport knee mill
    • Sunnen precision honing machine (full assortment of hones)
    • Harig surface grinder
    • Tapmatic
    • Hansford Davis keyseater (full assortment of production broaches)
    • Arbor press (full assortment of keyway push broaches)
    • Drill presses
    • Grob vertical band saw
    • FMB horizontal band saw
    • Behringer HBP-360A automatic saw (14” capacity)
    • Miller tig and Miller mig welders
    • ESAB plasma cutter (7/8” capacity)
Hardinge     Hardinge Bridgepor     Sunnen     Behringer

Inspection / Part Marking

Pfeifer Industries is committed to quality. We take enormous pride in maintaining our internal quality requirements on top of the customers’ stated print tolerances/specifications. We frequently go beyond the customer print and examine a part’s function to ensure that the part will fit to its mating part and function as it was intended. To achieve this, we use a variety of inspection tools such as micrometers, gauge pins, calipers, optical comparators, height gauge, and gauge blocks.

To guarantee quality is achieved on every part that we produce, we monitor the following areas of the production process at all times.

  • Constant monitoring of the parts running in the production area
  • Keeping records and samples of each run to ensure consistent flow of quality parts to our customers
  • Every part is marked with Pfeifer Industries or the customer name, part number and serial number
  • Work with customers to keep prints up to date with changes that occur over time
  • Check in all raw materials to ensure they are what were ordered and ready for the production run
  • Inspect the quality of outside subcontractors such as plating, anodizing, and heat treating

NOTE: As a testament to our high standards of quality, a partnership was formed with Mori Seiki to perform beta testing on their HydroGage in machine measuring technology.

3D CAD / CAM Software

  • SolidWorks
  • Pro Engineer
  • GibbsCAM
  • Mastercam
Designed with SolidWorks     ProE Wildfire 4.0     GibbsCAM

Timing Belt Slitting

  • Timing belt sleeves slit (cut) to any width
  • Slitting of timing belt sleeves and our in-house manufacturing of timing belt pulleys allows the customer to control the width of timing belts used on OEM timing belt pulleys. This gives the customer ultimate control over replacement parts.


  • 7,000ft2 existing, expandable to 30,000ft2

Fabrication / Assembly / Testing / Prototyping

  • Fabrication and engineering capabilities for conversion of existing mechanical power transmission drive systems to a timing belt drive
  • Precision final assembly of mating parts with our products
  • In-house ability to make fixtures to ensure proper assembly
  • Capable and willing to work on the entire final assembly of a customer’s end product

Engineering / Design

  • In-house design and engineering
  • Engineering and fabrication capabilities for conversion of existing mechanical power transmission drive systems to a timing belt drive
  • Partnership with Mori Seiki for BETA testing of their HydroGage technology
  • Partnership with Kennametal in the adaption of their KM quick change tooling in conjunction with Mori Seiki’s HydroGage technology
  • Partnership with Sandvik in the adaption of their Capto quick change tooling in conjunction with Mori Seiki’s HydroGage technology
     Mori Seiki     Kennametal     Sandvik

Outside Services

  • Plating - Zinc Clear Chromate
  • Plating - Black Oxide
  • Anodizing
  • Heat Treating
  • Grinding
  • Other ancillary services available upon request
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