Pfeifer Industries specializes in the manufacturer of both prototype/custom and production run timing belt pulleys.  All of our timing belt pulleys are proudly designed and manufactured at our facility in the USA.
As a master distributor for Optibelt, we inventory a large amount of timing belts and can fulfill any other mechanical power transmission belting needs.  In addition, we are able to slit (cut) timing belts to both industry standard and non-standards widths.  Pfeifer Industries also distributes Gates, Continental ContiTech, and Mitsuboshi (MBL) mechanical power transmission products.
We are determined to always give our customers the highest level of quality and value in the timing belt pulleys we manufacture, the technical services we provide and the timing belts we distribute.
We strive to produce timing belt pulleys that are of a higher quality than our competitors’ without adding additional costs for our customers.  Utilizing over 30 years of design and manufacturing experience, we fully consider the integration of a part into its final assembly and how the part is expected to perform in its end application.  By doing this, we are able to exceed our customer’s goals by catching any problems before any parts are produced.
Above everything else Pfeifer Industries recognizes that “people buy from people.”  Meaning the same person answering your questions on the telephone is the same person producing your parts.  Putting the value on a single point of contact within a company is priceless when it comes to managing your concerns.
From our humble beginnings in the basement of Jim Pfeifer’s home where Jim produced timing belts pulleys to gain advantages in Enduro style go-kart racing.  To eventually moving into a building and supplying other go-kart racers with the timing belt pulleys he had originally developed and tested for himself.  While along the way developing new markets and applications for the still relatively new timing belt drive system that was slowly gaining favor in replacing more traditional mechanical drive systems of chain and v-belts.  Unfortunately, Mr. Pfeifer unexpectedly passed away in December of 2003 and the company reformed under the guidance of a family friend and a longtime employee who knew what needed to be done to keep the outstanding reputation of Pfeifer Industries alive.   

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