HydroGage: New Way to Measure Precision Metal Parts

Numerous methods exist for measuring precision metal parts, and Mori Seiki USA Inc. introduced another one at the recent EMO trade show in Germany. Called HydroGage, the closed-loop metrology system passes coolant between the gage, or plug, and the work piece, measuring the resistance to flow, or pressure build up, as the fluid exits the plug.

"In principle, the HydroGage operates like air gages, according to Mori Seiki. However, the machine tool builder didn’t simply convert an air gage to run on a liquid instead of a gas, said Greg Hyatt, vice president and chief technology officer for the company's Machining Technology Laboratory (MTL). The fundamental logic of metering and sensing is completely different", he said.

The HydroGage is able to measure IDs and ODs to a 0.5-micron resolution….



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