Pfeifer Industries Takes Delivery of a new Behringer HBP-360-A Horizontal Bandsaw

Pfeifer Industries recently took delivery of a new Behringer HBP-360-A horizontal bandsaw.

Behringer horizontal bandsaws are built like a tank and delivery consistent, accurate cuts every time.  “We never have to second guess if the tolerances are correct with our Behringer bandsaw, unlike the previous saw that we had relied upon for 25+ years” says Brian of Pfeifer Industries.  “Our old bandsaw was very sensitive and you had to constantly mess with it to ensure it was accurate.  Gone are those days, now that we have the Behringer” continued Brian.

In a high production environment such as Pfeifer Industries, the Behringer horizontal band saws are simple systems but they generate high quality consistent cuts. And consistent quality is what we’re all about.  The majority of our operations begin with a saw cut, and if we can improve upon something as basic as that we are more than willing to do it.  By constantly investigating and improving upon what we do, within each step of production, only goes to show our customers the commitment that we have to making the highest quality parts available.

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