ContiTech Develops Heavy-Duty Timing Belt with Carbon Tension Member

The ContiTech Power Transmission Group has developed a new polyurethane heavy-duty timing belt with carbon tension member - the CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON. One distinguishing feature of carbon is that the fibers barely stretch, even when under high tensile load. In combination with polyurethane, a product is developed for demanding drives: The belts are highly resistant to wear and they transmit a great deal power very reliably, even in the case of high forces. Samples of the belt are already available for OEMs and it will be available for dealers starting mid-2013.

Since the requirements placed upon machines are constantly on the rise, the belts must also become ever more efficient. “CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON excels with as much as 30 percent higher performance as compared to belts with aramid tension members,” explains Rolf Marwede, head of the Polyurethane Belt Segment in the ContiTech Power Transmission Group. “Drive systems can thus be configured more efficiently by using the new belt since a narrower construction is possible.” The core of CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON is the new carbon tension member, which stretches only half as much as a tension member made of aramid under the same load. It thus has a better pitch precision under high tensile load. The characteristic, combined with the hard teeth of polyurethane, reduces the risk of tooth jumping substantially. A further advantage is that the pre-stress loss is minimized thanks to the high stiffness of the cord, thus boosting the efficiency of the drive even more. CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON thus requires nearly no maintenance and helps reduce costs for maintenance, repair, and belt replacement. Thanks to its high degree of efficiency, the smoother belt operation and the elimination of lubrication, CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON presents many benefits compared to a chain drive, and can replace such drives.

The new CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON demonstrates its strengths in the entire field of machine and plant engineering and is an ideal solution for demanding applications.

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