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Shafts Out of Sync (Registration Error)

Registration errors on precision timing belt drives can result from excessive backlash, or too much clearance between timing belt teeth and timing belt pulley grooves. The shape of the belt tooth and the fit of the tooth in the sprocket groove are important factors in determining positioning accuracy and drive performance. Clearance is needed between the timing belt tooth and timing belt pulley groove in each system to allow the timing belt tooth to enter and exit the groove smoothly with a minimum of interference. Too much clearance creates inaccuracy, while too little can generate excessive noise, vibration, and wear. An ideal timing belt tooth profile minimizes clearance without harming timing belt operations. Trapezoidal timing belt have relatively little backlash compared to curvilinear HTD timing belts that provide improved torque carrying capability and resist ratcheting. Modified curvilinear timing belts offer both improved torque-carrying capability, and as little, or less backlash than trapezoidal timing belts.

Probable Cause:

  • Drive design error

Corrective Action:

  • Use correct timing belt pulley diameter
  • Redesign drive

Probable Cause:

  • Incorrect timing belt

Corrective Action:

  • Check timing belt / timing belt pulley compatibility


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