Timing Belt - Pulleys

Contains detailed technical information on all you ever wanted to know about timing belt pulleys.  This collection of materials explores everything from timing belt pulley pitch diameters to timing belt pulley pitches and profiles.  Downloadable timing belt pulley reference materials are available to aid the end-user.


Timing Belts

Comprehensive reference materials related to timing belts are presented in this section.  Covering topics such as timing belt advantages and disadvantages,  timing belt identification and replacement, timing belt profile and pitch interchangeability and many others.  Much of the material that is presented online is available in downloadable formats allowing the end-user to create their own reference library.


Pfeifer Industries has developed a online calculator for identifying the correct timing belt length for your application and/or for calculating shaft center to center distances.  This online calculator was developed with the end-user in mind and displays all possible configurations for the variables inputted.  A downloadable calculator from Continental ContiTech is also offered that allows the end-user to calculate which timing belt is best suited for their application.

Timing Belt and Timing Belt Pulley - Trouble Shooting

Identification and recommended corrective actions for common timing belt failures.  Including unusual noise/excessive noise, tooth shear, tensile break and many other failures are examined.


Timing Belt and Timing Belt Pulley – Installation

The how, what and why of timing belt installation is examined in detail.  This installation guide was produced to specifically take the “guess” work out of installing your timing belt pulley set-up.  Videos and step by step instruction are presented to clearly explain the installation process.


Glossary of Terms

A glossary of common timing belt, timing belt pulley and mechanical power transmission technical terms and their definitions are listed.  Example images are also shown for further clarification.


Engineering - General


Resources and Links

Additional website links related to timing belt manufacturers, centrifugal clutches, mechanical power transmission and several other topics are listed for further reference.

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