SynchroForce Extreme Timing Belt Construction

Incorporating completely new material compounding, the latest timing belts of the SynchroForce heavy duty series pave the way for economic drive solutions, particularly in the transmission of high power outputs and torques. Excellent tooth stability and resistance to wear ensure a very long service life, making the belts suitable for heavy duty applications beyond the capability of earlier belt generations, while retaining the well-proven benefits of SynchroForce rubber timing belts.

SynchroForce EXTREME timing belts ensures the reliable and continuous transmission of high torques at moderately low belt speeds up to 40 m/s (7,874 ft/min). The new material compounding ensures outstanding tooth stability and sustained tear strength. The multilayer treated cover fabric ensures high abrasion resistance even after long use. Thanks to the modified NBR embedding compound and the heavy-duty aramid tensile member, the belt has a very high resistance to extension, especially in the lower torque range.

Timing Belt Profiles and Timing Belt Pitches (Currently Available)

  • 8mm HTD
  • 14mm HTD
  • 8mm CTD
  • 14mm CTD


  • Moderate oil resistance
  • Remains stable over a temperature range from -30 °C to +120 °C according to application
  • Resistant to ozone and suitable for use in tropical climates
  • SynchroForce Extreme timing belt has a K-glass tension member for high torques and impact loads

Areas of Application

SynchroForce EXTREME timing belts were specially developed for the continuous transmission of torques at low speeds 40 m/s (7,874 ft/min). Particularly well suited for horizontal material conveyance technology and machinery construction.

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Timing Belt Calculators

Pfeifer Industries has developed a online calculator for identifying the correct timing belt length for your application and/or for calculating shaft center to center distances.

Timing Belt Length and Shaft Center to Center Distance Calculator

A downloadable calculator from Continental ContiTech is also offered that allows the end-user to calculate which timing belt is best suited for their application.

ContiTech – Mechanical Power Transmission Drive Design Calculator

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Timing Belts – Rubber

Timing Belt Lengths and Widths (Currently Available)

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