The following sections offer detailed timing belt technical information that will give the user a better understanding of the specifications, tolerances, identification, and computations of synchronous drive belts. The information presented in these sections was gathered from our own research and development and also from multiple manufacturers including (Gates, Opti Belt, Goodyear (Veyance Technologies, Inc.) and Mitsuboshi (MBL), etc.) technical resources. These resources are also available as .pdf’s to aid the end-user.

Timing Belt Advantages and Disadvantages

Synchronous drive belts have many advantages over chains, v-belts, ball screws, etc however they are not perfect for every situation. A listing of the advantages/disadvantages of timing belts was developed to let the end-user decide what is best for their situation.

Timing Belt Tooth Profiles and Pitches

A comprehensive index of the most common timing belt pitches and timing belt tooth profiles.

Timing Belt Product Line(s)

Detailed timing belt product information for Gates, Opti Belt, Goodyear (Veyance Technologies, Inc.) and Mitsuboshi (MBL).

Timing Belt Length and Center to Center Distance Calculator

Online calculators designed for ease of use in figuring out the needed timing belt length and/or center to center distance between shafts.

Timing Belt Identification and Replacement

How to identify which synchronous drive belt you have and the proper way to replace it.

Timing Belt Width Tolerances

Listings of standard timing belt width tolerances for common timing belt pitches and profiles

ContiTech - Mechanical Power Transmission Drive Design Calculator

Online and downloadable programs allowing you to calculate a multitude of information that you need to accurately and efficiently design a synchronous drive belt pulley power transmission system.

Timing Belt Handling and Storage

Instructions for how to properly handle and store your timing belts.

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