Pfeifer Industries specializes in the manufacturer of both prototype and production run timing belt pulleys. Specifically, we understand the often rushed need for a prototype or production run quantities. Our turnaround time ranges from same day to within a week depending on the specifics of the project. However, we never sacrifice quality for speed. Precision is an obsession not an exception for Pfeifer Industries, we can efficiently run production quantities of custom belt drive pulleys with bores of +/- 0.0002" all day long. When comparing potential vendors, ask the following questions to get an understanding for their production practices.

  1. How do they control radial run-out (Total Indicator Run-out)?
  2. How do they control axial run-out (Total Indicator Run-out)?
  3. How do they measure the outside diameter of the timing belt pulley (specifically for an odd number of teeth)?
  4. How do they check the timing belt pulley tooth profile of the timing belt pulley tooth?
  5. How do they secure the belt guides (flanges) to the timing belt pulley?
  6. How do they control production traceability (i.e. serial numbers)?
  7. Do they offer part number identification marking?

The answers to these questions are not difficult, but the meaning behind them is extremely important to the quality of the custom cog pulleys produced.

What sets Pfeifer Industries apart from our competition is that the same person answering your questions on the telephone is the same person producing your parts. Putting the value on a single point of contact within a company is priceless when it comes to managing your concerns.

Please answer the following questions below before proceeding with the specification of your timing belt pulley.

  1. Have you identified the timing belt pitch and timing belt tooth profile and pitch needed?
  2. Have you identified the recommended timing belt width?
  3. Have you identified the number (#) of timing belt pulley teeth needed?

If you answered NO to any of the above questions then please revisit the technical section on our website.

Custom Timing Belt Pulley Design Form

Timing Belt Pulley Design Features

Timing Belt Pulley Standard Tolerances

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