Pfeifer Industries specializes in the manufacturing of both prototype and production run custom timing belt pulleys. Our expertise focuses on producing non-standard precision timing belt pulleys for the industrial, construction, recreational, and racing industries.

We have consistently proven to our customers that the difference in price between “off the shelf” timing belt pulleys and custom timing belt pulleys manufactured specifically for their application is a lot less costly than they would think. More often than not, we are able to manufacturer custom belt drive pulleys cheaper than those purchased from a distributor.

Timing belt pulley design features include:

  • Setscrews
  • Taper bore
  • Counter bore
  • Hub / hubless
  • Keyway
  • Spline
  • Heat shrink bore
  • Snap ring groove
  • Lightening holes
  • Countersunk holes
  • Bolt hole patterns
  • Modification of splined chain sprockets into mounting hubs for the attachment of a timing belt pulleys
  • Milling of bolt head hexes into (counter-sunk) the face or on to the hub of a timing belt pulley
  • Aluminum custom cog pulleys with steel belt guide flanges
  • Multiple timing belt pulleys (single double timing belt pulley, single triple timing belt pulley)
  • Precision split custom belt drive pulleys (machined as two (2) separate pieces not saw split)

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