The relationship between bore and keyway tolerances and their associated fit type (clearance fit, transition fit and interference fit) is critical.
The fit type determines the degree of clearance or interference between mating components, influencing the assembly's functionality, performance, and longevity. Bore tolerances dictate the permissible deviation in the diameter of a machined hole, while keyway tolerances define the acceptable variation in the dimensions of the keyway slot, crucial for transmitting torque between shafts and components.
Understanding and applying standard bore and keyway tolerances is essential for achieving optimal fits.

Inch - Standard Bore and Keyway Tolerances

(Inch) Bore / Keyway - ANSI / AGMA 9002-B04, Clearance Fit (Class 1) Inch Bore and ANSI B17.1 Square Keyway Tolerances

Metric - Standard Bore and Keyway Tolerances

 (Metric) Bore / Keyway - DIN 7154, H7 Metric Bore and DIN 6885, Js9 Square Keyway Tolerances

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