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Timing Belt Advantages and Disadvantages

Timing Belt - Advantages

  • Precision registration and timing with no loss of high torque carrying capability
  • Minimal vibration and chordal effect
  • Positive slip proof engagement
  • Wide speed range, especially important when the entire speed range is developed from a single source
  • Virtually no elongation (stretching) due to wear
  • High mechanical efficiency, as much as 98% when properly maintained. By contrast, chain drives are in the 91-98% efficiency range, while V-Belts average in the 93-98% range.
  • Power transmission efficiency is not lost with use
  • Clean operation, no need for lubrication
  • Reduced noise
  • Long, dependable trouble-free service
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Rust resistant
  • Resists chemicals and contaminants
  • Increased drive design options
  • Weight savings
  • Safety issues
  • Economical operations:
    • No need for expensive drive enclosures
    • No need for lubrication systems
    • No need for tensioning devices
    • No adjustment needed due to stretch or wear
    • No cost for lubricant or disposal fees
    • No worn sprocket replacement
    • No ongoing maintenance costs for roller chain
    • Energy savings
    • Reduced costs associated with "downtime" on top of lost productivity

Timing Belt - Disadvantages

Our own experience has shown that the timing belt is not perfect in every situation when comparing it against a chain drive. Being able to recognize timing belt limitations helps us to educate our customers in making the right decisions on their particular applications needs.

  • Availability of numerous chain sizes allows for the use of smaller pitch diameters and/or number of teeth while achieving the desired ratio
  • Higher speeds and power capacities
  • Detachable chain links make installation easier in some instances
  • Need for accurate initial alignment of drive components
  • No slippage
  • Higher drive ratios at shorter center distances
  • Lower bearing loads
  • Less affected by temperature or humidity
  • Less affected by oil and grease


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