Pfeifer Industries is determined to always give our customers the maximum level of quality and value in the timing belt pulleys we manufacture. We strongly believe that our timing belt pulleys are of higher quality than our competitors’ without adding additional costs for our customers. This confidence is based upon over 30 years of engineering, design and manufacturing experience, and our passion to constantly strive to evaluate our processes for cost savings and efficiencies which we pass on to our customers.

The following belt drive pulley technical information will give the user a better understanding of the specifications, tolerances and computations of belt drive pulleys.

Timing Belt Pulley Pitch Diameter and Outside Diameter Charts

The following charts show the cog pulley pitch diameter (P.D.) and outside diameter (O.D.) for popular timing belt profiles and pitches.

Timing Belt Width Tolerances

The included tables show the timing belt width tolerances of popular timing belt profiles and pitches. 

ContiTech - Mechanical Power Transmission Design Center

ContiTech Design software enables the user to input design requirements of a mechanical power transmission system and be given a calculated solutionelt profiles and pitches.

Timing Belt Tooth Profiles and Pitches

The attached charts identify the different timing belt pitches and timing belt profiles manufactured by timing belt companies such as Gates, ContiTech, Goodyear (Veyance).

Timing Belt Pulley Standard Tolerances

The following tables detail the specifications and tolerances required for producing a quality belt drive pulley.

Timing Belt Length and Center to Center Distance Calculator

The following calculators allow the user to specify timing belts and timing belt pulleys to be used within a design’s given parameters.

Technical timing belt calculatorcenter to center calculatorpower design
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