Trying to determine which timing belt goes with what timing belt pulley or determining if a replacement timing belt is compatible with the original timing belt is often a source of frustration due to the variations in timing belt pulley tooth design from the various manufacturers. This is often compounded by the fact that many manufacturers offer multiple product variations that all look and sound in name the same (i.e. PolyChain GT timing belt, SynchroChain timing belt, PowerChain timing belt, etc.).

Many times these timing belts have the same pitch (distance from center of one tooth to the center of the adjacent tooth) however the tooth profile (shape of the tooth) may not be interchangeable. Taking a detailed look at the tooth profile dimensions often reveals that the timing belts cannot be interchanged due to variations in timing belt tooth shape, depth, and angle.

The following Timing Belt Tooth Profile and Pitch Interchangeability chart was produced to help eliminate the frustration of figuring timing belt compatibility. Using the correct timing belt and/or toothed belt drive is key to the longevity and functionality of the power transmission system.

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